Tutoring Approach

I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for Maths with others. There is often quite a fine line between hating and loving Maths. I try to help my students to cross that line. Generally, my approach is to help students to understand how to solve problems themselves rather than just showing them the solution.

I tailor my approach to the individual student. Usually, I start by asking the student to identify areas they have found difficult at school. Mastering something that couldn’t previously be done usually boosts confidence. I keep an eye on the results of school tests and homework to enable me to follow up on any problem areas or misunderstandings. As the exams approach, I use past papers to check understanding, identify areas of weakness and resolve issues.

I prepare some topics for each lesson based on known problem areas, but I am always happy to be diverted to look at a current difficulty from school or homework.

It is very common to need to revise subject areas from earlier years where some basic principles have not been understood properly. I look out for these fundamental issues and resolve them in a way that schools just don’t have time to do.

I usually set a small piece of homework each week to reinforce a topic that we have been covering or a past paper to practice as the exams approach.


As an engineer, I can often explain how Maths topics are used in practice and I try to make what can often appear to be abstract topics come to life.  Most of all, I try to boost confidence and make the lessons enjoyable.


I encourage students to contact me between lessons. They can text me or email me with problems they are having so that I can prepare to cover that topic in the next lesson and they can scan back homework for marking.

Ian Moseling

Maths Tutor

I am located at:

27 Glyndebourne park



Contact me:

07788 771077


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